Stained Oak Chairs, Brutalism - 1930s

Italian Desk With Chair, Oriental Style - 1880s

Wrought Iron Coffee Table - 1960s

Duyan Wicker Chair, John Risley - 1950s

Dutch Renaissance Cabinet In Oak - 1700s

Bamboo Chair - 1970s

Leather Boxing Doll - Early 1900s

Amsterdam School Box - 1930s

Brutalist Wengé Bar Cabinet - 1970s

Oak & Leather Amsterdam School Armchair - 1920s

Wool Rug for Neder Carpets, Pierre Balmain - 1980s

Oak And Coromandel Art Deco Nightstands - 1920s

Brass Swan Coffee Table, Maison Jansen - 1970s

French Grape Wood Coat Stand - 1930s

French Antique Armchair - 1890s

Gobelin Wall Tapestry - 1970s

Bronze Garuda Incense Burner - 1880s

Antique Italian Baroque Cabinet - 1800s

Organic Brutalist Butcher Block - 1800

Brass Coffee Table With Inlaid Polished Ammonite, Marc D'haenens - 1970s

French Louis XV Style Marquetry Lingerie Chest - 1950s

Oak Credenza With Ceramic Inlay, Guillaume Et Chambron - 1960s

Plaster Woman Sculpture - 1940s

Cidue Stools In Chrome And Wood - 1970s

Wabi Sabi Bee Hives Stools - 1880s

Erik Magnussen Steel Chairs - 1960s

Italian Wooden Modernist Desk - 1970s

French Wooden Wabi Sabi Stools - 1960s

Rare Wooden Constructivist Desk - 1910s

Water Color Drawing, Bram Bogart - 1990s

Brown Formica And Chrome Coffee Table, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Antique Oak Arts & Crafts Secretaire - 1910s

Occasional Table, Pierre Cardin - 1970s

Black Metal Jardinière, Jean Michel Frank - 1930s

Brass Etched Hexagonal Table, Christian Heckscher - 1980s

Gilt Chairs, Coco Chanel - 1970s

Cabinet, Belgo Chrom - 1970s

Ceramic Lion Sculpture - 1960s

Travertine & Brass Etched Coffee Table, Roger Vanhevel - 1970s

Club Chair, Walter Knoll - 1930s

Rare Brass And Coral Table Lamps - 1970s

Black Cassina First Edition Armchair, Le Corbusier - 1950s

Leather Armchair for B&B Italia, Antonio Citterio - 1970s

Black French Space Age Oyster Chairs - 1960s

French Empire Walnut Chest - 1810s

Mahogany Art Deco Vitrine Cabinet, De Coene Frères - 1950s

Brass Acid Etched Mirror, Maison Jansen - 1980s

Brass & Glass Wall Mounted Shelve, Ghyczy - 1980s

Beech Swimming Pool Lounge Chairs - 1970s

Marble Coffee Table, Osvaldo Borsani - 1950s

Italian Marble Lacquered Credenza - 1980s

Italian Marble Lacquered Mirror - 1980s

Italian Walnut Desk - 1950s

Bronze & Glass Coffee Table - 1970s

Bronze Coffee Table, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Gold Plated Brass Etched Table Lamp - 1980s

Wooden Dutch Dining Chairs - 1960s

Glass And Golden Etagere, Belgo Chrom - 1980s

Painting, A Safe Place To Be, Chantal Chapelle - 1996

Black Brutalist Bar Cabinet - 1970s

Brass And Glass Sconces - 1960s

Rare Black Novodur Desk Hadi, Ernest Igl - 1970s

Crystal Glass Spiralling Chandelier, Venini Murano - 1960s

Black Lacquer And Brass Étagère Display Unit - 2000s

Brass Etched Coffee Table, George Matthias -1970s

Black Chrome Italian Commode, Guido Faleschini - 1970s

Square Gold Plated G Two Tier Coffee Table - 1970s

Pair Of Burl Lamps, Jean Claude Mahey - 1970s

Bronze Coffee Table, Salvino Marsura - 1950s

Crystal Serenissimo Table Desk, Acerbis - 1970s

Chromed Spiralling Floor Lamp, Gino Sarfatti - 1980s

Black And Brass Rectangular Coffee Table, Romeo Rega - 1970s

Walnut Side Table Fly, Jamie Tresserra - 1992

Walnut And Leather Africa Bench, Jaime Tresserra - 1988

Rare Walnut & Oak Target Desk, Jaime Tresserra - 1988

Round Pierre Chapo Coffee Table - 1960s

Rare Fossil Marble Side Table - 19th Century

Wooden Wabi Sabi Stools, Charles Dudouyt - 1950s

Black Dining Chairs, Oscar Tusquets Gaulino - 1980s

Oak And Cognac Leather Chair And Ottoman, Oscar Tusquets Gaulino -1980s

Dining Table, Maison Jansen - 1970s

Dining Chairs, Maison Jansen - 1970s

Italian Mahogany Lounge Chairs - 1950s

French Metal Eucalypt Floor Lamp, Atelier Français - 1950s

Chrome Metal Etagere, Maison Jansen - 1970s

Lucite And Brass Coffee Table, Charles Hollis - 1970s

Natural Burl Wood High Gloss Coffee Table - 1970s

Knoll Brown Teak Credenza With Chrome Legs, Florence Knoll - 1960s

Solid Oak Dining Chairs, Guillerme & Chambron - 1960s

Brass and Chrome Dining Table Flaminia, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Gold Brass Palm Tree Floor Lamp - 1970s

De Sede Brown Leather Lounge Chairs - 1960s

De Sede Brown Leather Three Seater Sofa - 1960s

Saporiti Onda Wave Lounge chairs by Giovanni Offredi - 1970s

Antique Brown Wooden Drop Leaf Table - 19th Century

Italian Wallnut Credenza Torbecchia, Giovanni Michelucci - 1960s

Large Italian Wooden Console Tables, Giuseppe Rivadossi - 1970s

White Leather And Brass Easy Chairs, Marzio Cecchi - 1960s

High Gloss Burl Round Coffee Table For Saporiti, Giovanni Offredi - 1980s

Travertine Dining Table, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Important Pair Of French Lounge Chairs - 1930s

Mirror Coat Racks, Luciano Bertoncini - 1970s

Eames Black Leather Intermediate Desk Chair - 1968

Grey Cassina Modular Sofa Miloe, Piero Lissoni - 2016

Black And Brass Buffet, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Copper And Brass Vitrine Display Cabinet, Maison Jansen - 1970s

Bronzed Fiber Glass Crocodile - 1980s

Paris's Pomeranian

Golden Feathered Tree Lamp in Aubergine

Golden Tree Lamp With Gold Feathers - 2000s

Mondriaan De Stijl Cabinet For Pastoe - 2000s

Rare Blue Lacquered Bed Side Tables, Emiel Veranneman - 1980s

Romeo Rega Dining chairs - 1970's

Italian Glam Brass And Glass Octagonal Dining Table, Romeo Rega - 1970s

Cognac Leather And Wood Lounge 3 Seater Sofa, Ilmari Tapiovaara - 1958

Cognac Leather And Wood Lounge Chair And Ottoman, Ilmari Tapiovaara - 1958

Large Chromed Mirror, Maison Jansen - 1980s

Rare Arne Jacobsen Cutlery For Georg Jensen - 1957

Brutalist Stained Oak Bar Cabinet - 1970s

Large Multicoloured Acid Etched Artwork, R. Meerbergen - 1960s

Rare Italian Glass Table Lamp Medusa, Umberto Riva - 1970s

Brass and Opaline Glass Chandelier, Hans Agne Jakobsson - 1960s

Marble Coffee Table For Minotti, Rodolfo Dordoni - 1990s

Cognac Leather Dining Chairs - 1970s

Black Leather Dining Chairs, Van den Berghe Pauvers - 1970s

Hand Casted Bronze Console Table 
- 2017

Jean Royère easy chair in Pierre Frey fabric - 1950s

Bronze And Moss Green Feather Lamp - 2010s

Ceramic Multicoloured Masks, Fontana - 1962

Lacquered Goatskin Trolley, Aldo Tura - 1960s

Red Lacquered Extendable Dining Table - Vico Magistretti - 1960s

Modern Steel Table Base Trestle, Maarten Van Severen - 1990s

Oak Columns - Early 20th Century

Two Tier Sliding Coffee Table With Hidden Bar, Aldo Tura - 1970s

Patinated Leather Armchair, Geoffrey Harcourt For Artifort - 1960s

Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman, 1st Edition - 1950s

French Oak Curved Desk - 1920s

Lacquer And Brass Credenza, Mario Sabot - 1980s

Brass Maison Jansen pair of table lamps with white linnen shades

Beech And Brass Bed Side Tables, Jean Claude Mahey - 1980s

Hollywood Regency Coffee Table In Burl Wood - 1970s

Leather Floor Lamp, Jacques Adnet - 1950s

Bronze Root Side Table - 2010s

Walnut Chest Of Drawers, Luciano Frigerio - 1970s

Red Velvet Italian Throne Chairs - 1940s

Camaleonda Modular Sofa For C&B Italia, Mario Bellini - 1970s

Malachite Serving Trolley, Piero Fornasetti - 1960s

Italian Modernist Square Gaming Table — 1930’s

Black Dining Room Set By Pierluigi Spadolini - 1971

B&B Italia Coffee Table With Glass Top, Paolo Piva - 1981

Black Leather Dining Chairs, Tito Agnoli - 1970s

Brutalist Spanish Oak Bar Stools - 1970s

Tubular Chrome Dining Chairs, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Brass Dining Chairs, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Chromed Etagere, Belgo Chrom - 1980s

Brown Leather Croissant Sofa, Raphael Raffel - 1970s

Contemporary Edra Cipria Sofa, Fernando And Humberto Campana - 2016

Black And Chrome Credenza, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Chrome & Brass Console Table, Romeo Rega - 1970s

Black Beech Hoop Chair, Piero Palace & Werther Toffoloni - 1950s

Rosewood And Leather Lounge Chair And Ottoman, Sergio Rodrigues - 1957

Steel And Cognac Leather Lounge Chair, Xavier Lust - 2016

Round Brass And Glass Side Tables, Paco Rabanne - 1980s

Gaudi Style Gilt Mirror - 1980s

Large Brass Chandelier In Hollywood Regency Style - 1940s

Brutalist Brazilian Leather Armchair - 1960s

Bronze Hand Casted Bench - 2010s

Leather Dining Chairs, Silvio Coppola - 1970s

Leather Cassina 3 Seater Sofa, Rodolfo Dordoni - 2000s

Multicoloured Resin Collectible Vessels, Gaetano Pesce - 1990s

Rare Walnut Cabinet Chest In The Late Empire Taste - 1900s

Stone Frog Sculpture - 1970s

Original Pistillo Lamp, Studio Tetrarch - 1970s

Eco-Design Cardboard Coffee Table, Olivier Leblois - 1993

Eco-Design Cardboard Etagère, Olivier Leblois - 1993

Eco-Design Cardboard Armchairs, Olivier Leblois - 1993

Brass Wall Sculpture Herons ,Curtis Jere - 1980s

Rare Wooden Farmer's Chair - 18th Century

Black Lacquer Book Case Ladder On Brass Rail - 1980s

Antique Wooden Chest - 18th Century

Industrial Floor Lamp, Saphir Paris - Early 20th Century

Limited Edition Miniature Casablanca Collectible, Ettorse Sottsass - 1990s

Brutalist Stained Oak Cabinet, De Coene - 1970s

Ettore Sottsass Chrome Centerpiece For Serafino Zani - 1990s

Scandinavian Fifties Organic Shaped Wingback Sofa - 1950s

Scandinavian Organic Shaped Easy Chairs - 1950s

Black Lacquer And Brass Drawer Cabinet, Pierre Cardin - 1980s

Gufram Original Capitello Lounge Chair, Studio 65 - 1970s

Brass Bar, Maison Jansen - 1970s

Brutalist Credenza In Brown Oak - 1970s

Belgian Brutalist Oak Cabinet - 1970s

Roche Bobois Mah Jong Modular Sofa In Gold Velvet - 1970s

Round Dining Table For Maison Jansen, Luigi Saccardo - 1970s

De Sede Leather Landscape Sofa's, Ubald Klug - 1970s

Leather Saporiti Sofa Confidential, Alberto Rosselli - 1970s

Leather Club Chairs For Saporiti, Alberto Rosselli - 1970s

Handcrafted Wooden Sphere In Solid Oak And Wenge - 1970s

Roche Bobois Mah Jong Modular Sofa In Purple Velvet - 1970s

Chrome Love Table Lamps, Willy Rizzo - 1970s

Brass Table Lamp Skyscraper, Romeo Rega - 1970s

Rare French Elm Armchairs, Pierre Chapo - 1960s

Beige Rectangular Cocktail Table, Willy Rizzo - 1960s

Black Ebonized Brutalist Credenza - 1970s

Rare Ajustable Bibliothèque In French Elm, Pierre Chapo - 1960s

Vic Gentils Relief Artwork Sun - 1960s

Maison Jansen brass and lacquer Sideboard, France, 1960s

Bronze Coffee Table With Glass Top, Willy Daro - 1960s

Large Brutalist Sideboard with Brushed Steel Details - 1960s

Nanna Ditzel stools in Rare Petrol Blue, Set Of Four - 1969

Pierre Chapo Adjustable French Library - 1960s

Gold Plated Jupiter Bar Stools, Börge Johansson - 1970s

Large Brutalist Credenza in Stained Oak - 1970s

Brutalist Bar Cabinet In Stained Oak - 1970s

Brutalist Bar Cabinet in Oak - 1970s

Etienne Allemeersch Coffee Table With Fossiel Inlay - 1970s

White Dining Table Parabel, Eero Aarnio - 2000’s

Brutalist Diamond Cabinet in Stained Oak - 1970s

Brutalist Diamond Floating Credenza in Stained Oak - 1970s

Maison Jansen Brass ‘Moon’ Globe Bar - 1980s

Maison Jansen Steel Brushed Four-Door Cabinet - 1970s

Belgo Chrom Sideboard With Floating Glass In Brushed Stainless Steel

 - 1970s

Modernist Easy Chair in Solid Oak - 1960s

Maison Arlus Pair of Wall Lights - 1970s

Belgo Chrom Table In Brushed Steel - 1970s

Hollywood Regency Style Table Light Attributed To Coco Chanel - 1970s

Travertine dining table with brass details, Willy Rizzo & Jean Charles - 1970s

Brutalist Stained Oak High Cabinet with Graphic Door Panels - 1950s

Post Modernist Leather Dining Chairs, Set Of Six - 1970s

Modular Sofa Camaleonda In Black Leather, Mario Bellini - 1972

Pierre Chapo Round Dining Table In Solid French Elm - 1960s

Aldo Tura Two Tier Sliding Coffee Table With Hidden Bar

 - 1970s

French Art Deco Desk In Grand Oak - 1960s

Brutalist Stained Oak Sideboard with Graphic Door Panels - 1970s

Gio Ponti Superleggera Dining Chairs by Cassina - 1950s

Rainer Daumiller Dining Chairs in Solid Pine - 1970s

Rainer Daumiller Armchairs in Solid Pine - 1970s

Brutalist Oak Spanish Dining Chairs - 1970s

Mario Sabot Sculptural Fiberglass Lounge Chairs - 1960s

Bamboo Sideboard In Hollywood Regency Style - 1970s

De Coene Brutalist Sideboard In Stained Oak - 1950s

Marcel Breuer B33 Leather Dining Chairs - 1950s

Afra and Tobia Scarpa Africa Chairs With Cognac Leather Seating - 1975

Vivai del Sud pair of Bamboo Palmtree Mirrors - 1970s

Lacquered Bamboo Vanity Table In Regency Style - 1970s

Bieffeplast Metal Table Lamps with Adjustable Shades - 1970s

Wabi Sabi Style Coffee Table in Organic Walnut - 1960s

Pierre Cardin Large Black Lacquered Sideboard With Brass Details - 1980’s

Maison Jansen Palmtree Floor lamp in Copper - 1970s

Maison Jansen Style Palmtree Table Lamp In Copper - 1970s

Jonas Van Put Contemporary Daybed Sofa - 2018

Mario Bellini Cognac Leather Cab Armchairs for Cassina

 - 1970s

Aldo Tura Lacquered Bar Cart - 1960s

Rivadossi Hardwood Dining or Console Table - 1970s

Rudi Verelst Space Age Swivel Armchairs In Chromed Steel - 1970s

Maison Jansen Chromed Steel Adjustable Bar Stools With White Velvet Seating - 1970s

Mario Bellini Cab Chairs in Black Leather for Cassina - 1977

Percival Lafer Brazilian Lounge Chairs - 1970s

Perspex Postmodern Table Lights With Chrome Shade - 1980s

Giorgetti Royal Sofas by Antonello Mosca - 1970s

Contemporary Floor Lamp by Boris de Beijer 

- 2017

Aldo Tura Coffee Table, XL Model, 1970s

Ceramic Collectible Design Primitive Vase With Rope Detail by Harvey Bouterse - 2018

Brutalist Wall Sculpture by Pia Manu - 1974

Mah Jong Modular Composition Sofa in Missoni Home for Roche Bobois - 2017

Belgo Chrome Credenza in Brushed Stainless Steel - 1980s

Barcelona Lounge Chairs by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Original Cognac Leather - 1960s

Maison Baguès Demi-Lune Sidetables with Mirrored Glass Tops - 1950s

Amsterdamse School Dining Chairs in Skin Velvet - 1930s

Ettore Sottsass Signed Candlesticks - 1980s

Room Dividers in Perspex and Steel - 1970s

Brutalist Sideboard With Graphic Patterns In Oak - 1970s

Barcelona Ottoman by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Original Cognac Leather - 1960s

Edra L'Homme et la Femme Modular Sofa by Francesco Binfaré - 1993

Willy Rizzo Rectangular Coffee Table In Brass, Chrome and Glass - 1970s

Gaetano Pesce Bright Red Resin Vase - 1996

Gaetano Pesce Green Resin Spaghetti Bowl for Fish Design - 2009

Silver Art Deco Giltwood Mirror - 1930s

Mario Bellini Cab Chairs in Oxblood Red Leather for Cassina - 1977

Hollywood Regency Style Candelabra Table Lamps In Brass - 1970s

Wall Mounted Sun Lamp in Brass & Resin - 1970s

Jaap Gidding Art Deco Tapestry - 1920s

Le Corbusier LC6 Dining Table For Cassina - 1928

Willy Rizzo Rectangular Side Table in Brass, Chrome & Glass - 1970s

Willy Rizzo Square Side Table in Brass, Chrome and Glass - 1970s

Brutalist Spherical Fireplace by Dries Kreijkamp in Cast Iron - 1960s

Mid-century Coffee Table with Black Steel Frame & Mosaic Inlay - 1950s

Mid-century Lacquered Bamboo Dining Table 

- 1960s

Vivai Del Sud Rattan And Smoked Glass Etagères - 1970s

De Sede Modular Brown Cognac Leather Patchwork Sofa

 - 1970s

Italian Glam Armchairs In Dark Blue Velvet & Brass

 - 1970s

Mid-century Modern Orange Suede Italian Easy Chairs - 1960s

Wicker & Solid Pine Toscanolla Chairs by Alessandro Becchi for Giovanetti - 1970s

Leopard Ceramic Hand Painted Sculptures - 1950s

Jules Wabbes Desk Table Chrome Plated Steel For Mobilier Universel - 1960s

Roche Bobois Black and Brass Lacquered Credenza - 1980s

Saporiti Nude Leather Revolving Armchairs - 1970s

Architectural & Asymmetrical Dining Chairs In Pine & Wicker - 1970s

Carlo Scarpa Dining Chairs For Gavina - 1974

Vivai del Sud Tropical Bamboo and Rattan Palm Tree Mirror with Cabinets - 1970s

Cane & Black Metal Tropical Dining Chairs - 1950s

De Sede DS88 Modular Brown Leather Patchwork Sofa, Extra Large - 1970s

Gaetano Pesce Orange & White Resin Vase - 1996

Ettore Sottsass Black & White Bowl for Bitossi - 1950s

Jules Wabbes Mahogany Chest of Drawers for Mobilier Universel - 1960s

Jules Wabbes Mahogany Double Chest of Drawers for Mobilier Universel - 1960s

Cini Boeri Modular Sectional Sofa Set the Gradual Lounge for Gavina Knoll - 1970s

De Coene Brutalist Sideboard in Stained Oak - 1950s

Space Age Modular Sofa in Original Upholstery - 1960s

Guillerme et Chambron Vintage Mid-Century Modern Stools - 1960s

Edra Soshun Low Stools in Green Velvet by Masanori Umeda - 1990s

Tufted Camel Suede Vintage Three Seater On Chrome Feet - 1970s

Alanda Square Coffee Table by Paolo Piva for B&B Italia - 1980s

Tufted Camel Suede Vintage Two Seater On Chrome Feet - 1970s

De Coene Mid-Century Modern Two Tone Sideboard - 1950s

Modernist French Square Coffee Table in Elm - 1935

Brass and Wicker Vivai del Sud Pair of Night Stands or Side Tables - 1970s

Natural History Wabi Sabi Olivewood Bowl Or Sink - 1960s

Tuja Vase by Matteo Thun - 1993

De Coene Glass Fire Screen in Wrought Iron - 1950s

Olavi Hanninen Wabi Sabi Primitive Highboard for Miko Nupponen - 1960s

Mario Bellini Il Colonnata Oval Dining Table in Carrara Marble for Cassina - 1970s

De Sede DS88 Modular Brown-Cognac Leather Patchwork Sofa

 - 1970s

Black Leather Sectional & Modular De Sede Switzerland Patchwork Sofa DS 88 - 1980s

Modular Space Age Floor Lamp Poliedra by Felice Ragazzo for Guzzini - 1970

Maison Jansen Brass Palm Tree Lamp On a White Marble Base - 1970s

Ceramic 20th Century Pointer Dog Sculptures Madonna & Child - 1970s

Maison Jansen Red Copper Patinated Brass Credenza With Diamond Door Handle - 1970s

Brutalist Natural Oak Credenza With Geometric Door Panels - 1970s

Minimalist Natural Oak Bar Cabinet - 1970

Le Corbusier Lounge Chair LC4 Pony Hide Black For Cassina - 1980s

Afra and Tobia Scarpa Africa Chairs With Cognac Leather Seating - 1975

Agra Carpet In Wool & Silk - 1930s

Jean Royere Style Travertine Coffee Table - 1950s

Maison Baguès Hollywood Regency Brass & Marble Side Table - 1970s

Gold Palm Tree Lamp With White Feathers - 2018

Hollywood Regency Ibex Coffee Table in the Manner of Alain Chervet - 1970s

Post-Modern Sectional Sofa in Various Colored Velvet Upholstery - 1980s

Brutalist Ebonized Oak Credenza with Geometrical Doors - 1970s

Verner Panton Bachelor Lounge Chair for Fritz Hansen - 1953

Holm Sørensen Teak and Brass Floor Lamp - 1950s

Maison Jansen Chrome and Black Leather Bar Stools - 1970s

Gold Palm Tree Lamp With Pink Feathers - 2018

Industrial Mid-Century Modern Chairs by James Leonard for Esavian - 1948

Industrial Writing Desk Table with Chairs for Kids by James Leonard for Esavian - 1948

Post-Modern Pair of Black & White Speckled Ceramic Lamps with Brown Shades - 1980s

Mid-Century Modern Italian Ceramic Vase - 1970s

Brutalist Credenza in Stained Oak with Geometric Diamond Doors - 1970s

Travertine Moonfish Sculpture - 1970s

Geometric Two-Door Cabinet in Ebonized Oak - 1970s

Paul Rodocanachi Art Deco 'Rodo' Chairs for Jean-Michel Frank - 1930s

Belgo Chrome Golden G Coffee Table Extra Large - 1970s

Midcentury Round Italian Carrara Marble Dining Table - 1970s

Italian Bamboo and Red Leather Easy Chairs - 1970s

Curtis Jeré Brass Abstract Wall Sculpture - 1980s

Amsterdam School Mahogany Sideboard by Atelier Speelman -1925

Travertine Dining Table by Mario Bellini 'Il Colonnato' - 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Arrben Directors Chairs in Brass and Red Leather - 1970s

Angelo Mangiarotti Travertine Coffee Table for Up & Up - 1970s

Travertine Dining Table in the Style of Carlo Scarpa and Angelo Mangiarotti - 1970s

Angelo Mangiarotti Round Travertine Dining Table - 1970s

Paul Tuttle for Flexform Lounge Chair In Chrome & Black Leather - 1980s

Florence Knoll Marble & Black Steel Side Tables - 1960s

Mid-century Modern Solid Oak Bench Wabi Sabi Style - 1940s

Sectional Cognac Leather Sofa 'Cosmos' by De Sede Switzerland - 1970s

Cassina 367 Hola Chairs by Hannes Wettstein Full Leather Version - 2003

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp Style Alexandre Noll - 1950s

Hollywood Regency Table Lamp in 24-Karat Gold and Brass Etched Artwork by Maho - 1970s

Danish Stackable Chairs in Galvanized Steel by Erik Magnussen - 1989

Gabriella Crespi Style Floor Lamp in True Tropicalist Style - 1960s

Tubular Chrome Lounge Chair - 1950s

Maison Jansen Rose Metal Dry Bar - 1970s

Maison Jansen Rose Metal Stools - 1970s

Brass and Blue Two-Door Cabinet Maison Jansen - 1970s

Gio Ponti Superleggera Dining Chairs Edition 'De Bijenkorf' - 1969

Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sectional Sofa in Blue Velvet - 1970s

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Set of Four B42 Weissenhof Chairs by Tecta - 1982

De Sede DS88 Modular Brown-Cognac Leather Patchwork Sofa

 - 1970s

Cognac Leather Patchwork DS 88 De Sede Sectional Sofa - 1970s

Velvet Sectional Sofa Model 'Camaleonda' by Mario Bellini - 1970s

Hollywood Regency Table Lamps - 1950s

Art Deco Adjustable Lounge Chairs in Blue Velvet Halabala Style - 1930s

Nude Colored Modular Sofa by Mario Bellini 'Camaleonda' - 1970s

Soriana Two-Seat Sofa by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for Cassina - 1970s

Maison Jansen Regency Brass Palm Wall Sconces - 1970s

Brutalist Floating Credenza in Stained Oak with Geometric Doors by De Coene - 1970s

Italian Mid-Century Modern Velvet Upholstered Ottoman with Storage - 1950s

De Sede DS 47 Cognac Leather Sofa - 1970s

Pierre Chapo Curved Benches in Elmwood - 1960s

De Sede DS Cognac Leather Ottomans - 1970s

Mid-century Scandinavian Modern Bench In Pink Velvet & Wenge - 1960s

Maison Jansen Brass Palm Tree Sconce - 1970s

Modernist White Case Piece With Black Marble Top Huib Hoste Style - 1950s

Palm Tree Sconce Hand Made In Brass by Maison Jansen - 1970s

Postmodern Chromed Steel Wire Swivel Chairs with Ivory Wool Seating by Rudi Verelst - 1970s

Hollywood Regency Bamboo Dining Table with Glass Top - 1970s

De Sede 'Snake' DS 600 Sectional Beige Linnen Non Stop Sofa - 1970s

Cognac Leather Postmodern Lounge Chairs by De Pas, D’urbino & Lomazzi - 1970s

Scarpa 'Monk' Chairs in Patinated Cognac Leather, Set of two - 1970s

Afra & Tobia Scarpa Black Leather and Walnut Lounge Chair - 1980s

Hollywood Regency Pair of Tropical Nightstands Vivai del Sud - 1970s

Vivai del Sud Triptych Floor Mirror In Bamboo - 1970s

Bamboo Occasional Table By Vivai Del Sud - 1970s

Mario Ceroli 'Fratina' Chairs for Poltronova - 1972

Carla Venosta Ultra Rare 'San Martino' Sectional Sofa for Full - 1980s

Vivai Del Sud Dining Chairs In Bamboo - 1970s

Vivai Del Sud Dining Table In The Style Of Gabriella Crespi - 1970s

Post-modern Memphis Style Coat Hanger - 1980s

De Sede 'Terrazza' Sofas DS 1025 in White Leather by Ubald Klug & Ueli Berger - 1972

Scandinavian Modern Chairs in Oak by N.O. Möller for J.L. Mollers - 1970s

Brass and Black Velvet Dining Chairs by Luciano Frigerio - 1980s

Hollywood Regency Hammered Brass Dining Table by Luciano Frigerio - 1980s

Jean Claude Dresse Exceptional Resin Dining Table - 1970s

Bamboo Credenza With Faux Bamboo Chrome Frame Gabriella Crespi Style - 1970s

Tufty Time B&B Italia Taupe Leather Sectional Sofa by Patricia Urquiola - 2010s

Maison Jansen Brass Stools Set of Four - 1970s

Artemide Chain Mail Table Lamp "Anchise" by Toni Cordero - 1980s

Angelo Mangiarotti Travertine Pedestal - 1980s

Atelier Marolles Animal Screen Room Divider - 1950s

Bauhaus Wassily Daybed by Marcel Breuer - 1920s

Val St. Lambert Art Glass Center Piece - 1930s

Mangiarotti Square Travertine Coffee table for Up & Up - 1970s

Vivai del Sud Tropicalist Screen & Room Divider - 1970s

Franco Albini Style Bamboo Credenza - 1970s

Maison Jansen Impressive Brass Wall Mirror - 1980s

Brutalist Dry Bar with Geometric Doors - 1970s

Commode in Rattan, Bamboo, Brass and Chrome by Vivai del Sud - 1970s

Cognac Leather Lounge Chair On Round Chrome Base - 1960s

Mario Bellini Collonato Black Marble Coffee Table - 1970s

Pia Manu Authentic Coffee Table by Jules Dewaele - 1970s

Lacquered Coffee Table With Hidden Bar - 1970s

Camaleonda Sectional Sofa by Mario Bellini In Original Brown Velvet - 1970s

De Coene Minimalist Mid-Century Modern Cabinet - 1950s

Hans-Agne Jakobsson T-603 Pendant in Brass for AB in Sweden - 1960s

Scandinavian Modern Dining Table in Oak by N.0. Möller for J.L. Moller - 1970s

Pillow Couch by Schimmel & Schweikle from thePillow.pillow Collection - 2019

Pillow Lounge Chair in Red Lacquer and Faux Fur by Schimmel & Schweikle - 2019

Blown-Up with Lamp in Vegan Leather Coating by Schimmel & Schweikle - 2018

Unique 'Thrown Chair' by Touche-Touche for - 2019

Macrame Wall Tapestry by Tapta - 1970s

Brass & Lucite Living Room Set by Charles Hollis Jones - 1970s

Sliding Coffee Table by Charles Hollis Jones - 1970s

Modern Terazzo Marble Dining Table by Jan Vlug, Belgium, 1970s

Non Stop 'Snake' Sectional Sofa DS-600 by De Sede Switzerland - 1980s

Pia Manu Brutalist Pair of Side Tables - 1970s

Brutalist Bar Cabinet in Oak by De Coene - 1970s

Bambole First Edition in Brown Leather by Mario Bellini - 1970s

Pia Manu Large Ceramic Vessel - 1970s

Brutalist Turquoise Large Ceramic Vase by Pia Manu - 1970s

Bamboo étagère room divider Henry Olko - 1970

Scandinavian Modern Svend Langkilde Cabinet in Rosewood and Brass - 1950

Pia Manu Giant Wall Light Sculpture - 1970s

Hollywood Regency Kidney Table in Lacquer and Etched Brass - 1970's

Joaquim Tenreiro Cadeiras Curva Dining Chairs - 1960s

Mario Bellini Nude Rose Velvet 'Camaleonda' Sectional Sofa - 1970s

Sculpture 'The Rose' by Daan Gielis - 2019

Morning Routine and Night Curiosities by Thomas Ballouhey - 2019

Aldo Tura Two-Tier Sliding Coffee Table - 1970s

Black Marble Dining Table by Lazzotti for Up&Up - 1990s

Marble Angel Wing Side Table - 1960s

Pyramid Glass Lamps by Pia Manu - 1970s

Modernist Armchairs Attributed to Gerrit Rietveld - 1920s

Aldo Tura High End Credenza in Brass and Parchment - 1960s

Bamboo 'Rising Sun' Dining Table by Ferdinando Loffredo - 1970s

Camaleonda Sectional Sofa in Original Cognac Leather - 1970s

Rare Aluminum Pendulum Lamp by Pierre Lallemand 1990s

Cotta vessel 2 by Decio Studio Made at for Everyday Gallery - 2019

Cotta table by Decio Studio Made at for Everyday Gallery - 2019

Metropolis Chair by Decio Studio for - 2019

André Sornay Postmodern Style Side Table - 1980s

Mario Bellini 'Le Bambole' Three-Seat Couch in Alcantara - 1970s

Postmodern Travertine Shamrock Coffee Table In The Style Of Jean Royère - 1970s

Cognac Leather Armchairs Set of 6 by Knoll - 1970s

Brutalist Ebonised Oak De Coene Sideboard - 1970s

Walnut and Leather Postmodern Cabinet - 1970s

B&B Italia sectional couch 'Bend' by Patricia Urquiola - 2010s

Mangiarotti Eros Marble Dining Table - 1971

Oak & Leather Dining Chairs - 1960s

Vivai Del Sud Extra Large Palm Tree Mirror - 1970s

Charlotte Perriand 'Les Arcs' Pentagonal Table - 1960s

Italian White Marble Coffee Table by Massimo Vignelli - 1970s

Centre Pompidou Beauburg Chairs Selected by Jean Prouvé - 1976

Leather Lounge Chairs with Adjustable Demi Circular Cushion - 1970s

Italian Wall Sconce In Baby Blue & Brass - 1950s

Maison Jansen Brass & Velvet Bar Stools - 1970s

Eames Time Life Lobby Chair EA108 In Green Leather - 1960s

Aldo Tura Two Tone And Two Tier Sliding Coffee Table - 1970s

Tropicalist "Ours Polaire" Club Chair By Vivai Del Sud - 1970s

Vivai Del Sud Sofa In Bouclé Wool & Rattan - 1970s

Post-modern Green Marble Coffee Table In The Maner of Noguchi - 1970s

Afra & Tobia Scarpa Africa Chairs with Cognac Leather Seating - 1975

Beaubourg Wire Chair by Michel Cadestin for Centre Pompidou - 1977

Vintage Industrial Chic Room Divider - 1950s

Original and Vintage Man Size Murano Mazzega Chandelier - 1960s

Carrara 'Collonato' Table with Glass Top in the Style of Mario Bellini - 1990s

Angelo Mangiarotti 'Eros' Mondragone Marble Dining Table - 1971

Sun & Moon Marble Dining Table by Adolfo Natalini for Up & Up - 1990s

Emil Stejnar Extra Large Back Lit Mirror - 1960s

Giovanni Offredi 'Wave' Three-Seat Sofa for Saporiti - 1974

Maralunga Cognac Leather Club Chairs by Vico Magistretti for Cassina - 1974

Mario Bellini 'Le Bambole' Two-Seat Couch in Alcantara - 1970s

Postmodern Coffee Table in the Manner of Saporiti - 1980s

Mario Bellini's CAB Chair in Cognac Leather For Cassina - 1970s

Maison Jansen Stainless Steel & Chrome Bar With Stools - 1970s

Bamboo Peacock Chairs In The Style of Albini - 1970s

Aldo Tura Pair Of Side Tables - 1970s

Black Sectional Credenza by De Coene - 1970s

Burl Square Side tables by Jean Claude Mahey - 1970s

Naturalist Modern Prototype Chairs - 1950s

Travertine Coffee Table by Angelo Mangiarotti - 1970s

Charles & Ray Eames EA124 lounge chairs in Green Leather by Herman Miller - 1970s

Post-modern Chromed Steel Floor Lamp by Maison Charles - 1970s

Wabi Sabi Burl Occasional Table - 1970s

Hans Wegner J16 Rocking Chair in Burgundy - 1944

Functional Art Chair in the Style of Gaetano Pesce - 1980s

Carlo Bugatti Style Occasional Table - 1920s

Scandinavian Modern Pre Pop Armchair by Arne Jacobsen for Asko - 1970s

Arne Jacobsen Pre Pop Dining Set for Asko - 1969

Warren Platner Dining Room Set for Knoll - 1960s

Boris Tabaccof Dining Chairs - 1960s

French Elm Cabinet In The Style Of Pierre Chapo - 1960s

John Lautner Style Lounge ChairsIn Cream Wool - 1970s

Italian Postmodern Pair of Armchairs in Red and Blue - 1980s

Vivai Del Sud Large Tropicalist Mirror - 1970s

Hoodoo Arch Shelves with Seat by Elissa Lacoste for Everyday Gallery - 2019

Travertine Postmodern Coffee Table - 1970s

Edra 'On the Rocks' Sectional Sofa by Francesco Binfare - 2010s

Osvaldo Borsani Conference Table for Tecno - 1960s

Travertine Postmodern Coffee Table - 1970s

Postmodern Italian Tufted Sectional Sofa - 1970s

Cement Chairs in the Manner of Willy Guhl - 1960s

Mangiarotti Black Marble Dining Table for Skipper - 1970s

Osvaldo Borsani Pair of Cognac P126 Swivel Chairs for Tecno - 1960s

Willy Rizzo Sliding Chrome Coffee Table for Cidue - 1970s

Poul Kjaerholm PK 80 Daybed for Fritz Hansen - 2010s

Italian Pine Bench from Old Vinery - 1960s

De Sede DS 1025 Terrazza Lounge Chair in Brown Leather - 1970s

Eros White Carrara Marble Side Table by Angelo Mangiarotti for Skipper - 1970s

Eros White Carrara Marble Side Table by Angelo Mangiarotti for Skipper - 1970s

Constructivist Pair Of Green Lounge Chairs - 1920s

Hein Stolle Wengé Armchair for 't Spectrum - 1950s

Rattan & Steel Armchairs By Gelderland - 1964

Camaleonda Lounge Chairs In Original Brown Leather by Mario Bellini - 1970s

Arne Jacobsen Pre Pop Dining Table for Asko - 1969

Soriana Lounge Chair in Dark Brown Leather by Afra & Tobia Scarpa - 1969

Pierre Chapo Library in Solid Elm - 1970's

Minimalist Modernist Lounge Chair Atelier Belge in Teak and Metal - 1950's

Modernist Dutch Easy Chair 'AP-5' by Hein Salomonson - 1956

Black Oak and Brown Leather Arco Chairs - 1980's

Bas Van Pelt Set of Four Oak and Cord Armchairs - 1950's

Scandinavian Modern Dining Set in Oak by N.0. Möller for J.L. Moller - 1970s

Kono Dining Table by Lella & Massimo Vignelli for Casigliani - 1980's

Brazilian Modern Lounge Chairs in Solid Jacaranda - 1960's

Grande Table and bench by Xavier Lust for MDF Italia - 2002

Verner Panton Chair Classic for Vitra - 1950's

Hans Wegner CH58 Stool for Carl Hansen & Sons - 1980's

Red swan chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen - 1950's

Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen - 2009

Black leather Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen - 2009

Taccia lamp Flos large - 1962

Black leather PK 22 pair of lounge chairs Fritz Hansen - 2009

De Coene lounge chair in sheep wool - 1950's

Black velvet lounge chairs in the manner of Halabala - 1950's

Bamboo Rattan Lounge Chairs, Italy - 1980's

Gio Ponti Leggera dining chairs black and cord - 1980's

Travertine dining table Carlo Scarpa - 1970's

Chandigarh Chair by Pierre Jeanneret - 1960s

Chandigarh armchair by Pierre Jeanneret - 1960s

Chandigarh dining chair by Pierre Jeanneret - 1960s

Rosenthal Memphis Club Chair - 1980s

Rustic Milk Stool - 1930s

George Matthias Pair of Brass Etched and Travertine Lamps - 1970s

Gaetano Sciolari Table Lamp - 1970s

Osvaldo Borsani Art Deco Vitrine - 1950s

Maison Jansen Sliding Coffee Table in Chrome and Brass - 1970s

Brutalist Sideboard in Copper Lacquer - 1960s

Artona armchairs by Afra & Tobia Scarpa for Maxalto - 1975

Curtis Jere Brass Wall Mounted Sculpture - 1980s

Danish Modern Poul Cadovius Royal System - 1960s

Curtis Jere Brass Boat Sculpture - 1988

Perspex and Chrome Chairs for Mobilier Modulaire Moderne by Boris Tabacoff - 1971

Mid Century Unusual Chairs In Pine - 1960s

Geometric Oil on Canvas painting by Miodrag Dordevic - 1970s

Oak Framed Orkney Chair with Cord - 1940s

Mid-Century Modern Gae Aulenti Style Coffee Table With Wheels - 1970s

Large Mid Century Modern Credenza In Solid Elm - 1960s

GS195 Daybed and Sofa by Gianni Songia - 1963

Brass Racing Sail Boat Wall Mount Sculpture by Curtis Jere - 1995

Burl and Chrome Coffee Table in style of Claude Mahey - 1970s

High Back Armchairs in Oak and Straw, attributed by Bas Van Pelt - 1940s

Square Burl Wood Coffee Table With Steel Base - 1970s

Industrial Chrome Trolley by Philippe Starck - 1990s

Oak & Leather Dining Chairs in the style of Ponti - 1970s

Dining Chair by Alejandro Estrada for Piegatto - 2006

Eero Saarinen "Tulip" Dining Table for Knoll - 1970s

De Sede DS 47 Brown Leather Armchair - 1970s

Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni Toio Floor Lamp for FLOS - 2000s

Gabriella Crespi Style Adjustable Dining Table in Rattan - 1970s

Gabriella Crespi Style Rectangular Dining Table in Rattan - 1970s

Osvaldo Borsani Dining Chairs in Mahogany - 1950s

Vivai Del Sud Dining Chairs In Bamboo, Brass & Blue Velvet - 1970s

Vivai Del Sud Commode in Rattan & Bamboo - 1970s

Wabi Sabi Rustic Lounge Chairs In Pine - 1950s

Wabi Sabi Rustic Side Table in Pine - 1950s

Bamboo Credenza by Vivai del Sud - 1970s

Bamboo & Rattan Commode By Vivai Del Sud - 1970s

Solid Oak Round Coffee Table - 1960s

Soriana Lounge Chair in Gold by Afra & Tobia Scarpa - 1969

Post-modern Walnut Shelves - 1970s

Roger Capron 'Shogun' Ceramic Coffee Table - 1960s

Pentagon Group 'Braced Shelf' by Wolfgang Laubersheimer

Afra & Tobia Scarpa bronze table TL59 - 1975

Gastone Rinaldi P16 armchairs in bouclé wool - 1950s

Dutch modernist pair of armchairs by Gerard Wijnen - 1950s

Pierre Chapo Library in Solid Elm, France - 1970s

Metropolitan Chic Black Resin with Agate Coffee Table by Dresse - 1980s

Fossil marble dining table, Marocco - 1970s

Dialogo chairs by Afra & Tobia Scarpa for B&B Italia - 1974

De Coene brutalist stained oak credenza - 1970's

De Coene brutalist stained oak cabinet - 1970's

De Coene brutalist stained oak extra large credenza - 1970's

Travertine set of round side tables - 1970's

Angelo Mangiarotti marble table on metallic cast base - 1970's

Gianfranco Frattini armchairs model ‘Lalanda’ in dark cognac leather - 1970s

Bamboo set of chairs from Italy with oriental influences - 1970's

Mahogany credenza with geometrical patterned doors - 1970's

Brutalist mahogany bar cabinet De Coene - 1970s

Vivai del Sud pair of rattan mirrors - 1970s

Cor Alons occasional table Dutch interbellum design - 1930s

Angelo Mangiarotti round travertine dining table - 1970s

Calacatta marble dining table by Angelo Mangiarotti for Skipper - 1972

Belgian Postmodern Ebonized Oak Chairs by Van den Berghe-Pauvers - 1980s

Oak and Leather Brutalist Chairs - 1970s

Verner Panton ‘Vilbert’ Chair for Ikea - 1990's

Spanish brutalist chairs in solid oak - 1970's

Carlo Scarpa style travertine table or writing desk - 1970's

Rainer Daumiller set of six dining chairs in pine - 1970's

Boris Tabaccof Leather and Metal Easy Chair - 1970's

Möller Dining Chairs - 1960's

Afra & Tobia Scarpa sofa '920' for Cassina - 1970's

Danish Modern Design Rosewood Dining Table Kai Kristiansen - 1960's

Scarpa Cognac Leather Dining Chairs - 1970's

Macintosh Style Easy Chair - 1970s

Leather Sofa by Durlet, Belgium - 1970's

Spadolini post-modern ‘Boccio’ dining set for 1P - 1970's

Mid-century modern sofa in pitch pine and velvet - 1960's

Rustic modern coffee table in solid oak - 1960's

Rodolfo Bonetto ‘Ventaglio’ floor lamps by I Guzzini - 1970s

Pitch pine mid-century coffee table - 1960's

Fabio Lenci post-modern ‘petal’ dining table - 1960's

Suede pair of lounge chairs - 1970's

Carlo Scarpa masterpiece credenza in walnut, Italy - 1960's

De Sede ‘Snake’ DS-600, in camel colored leather, Switzerland - 1972

Victor Cerrato one-of-a-kind case piece - 1950's

De Coene Brutalist Stained Oak Cabinet - 1970's

Giotto Stoppino Leather and Chrome Dining Chairs Model Jot - 1970's

French Étagère Bookcase in Elm Wood - 1940's

Space Age Bed Side Table by Raymond Loewy - 1960's

Soriana Lounge chair & Ottoman in Bouclé by Afra & Tobia Scarpa - 1969

Rustic Modern Coffee Table in Solid Oak - 1960's

Jean Royère Style Room Divider Étagère - 1930's

Saporiti set of four chairs Warhol, Malevich, Kandinsky, Fontana - 1980's

Cassina 'Carlotta' Lounge Chairs by Afra and Tobia Scarpa - 1960's

Bronze Leather Saporiti 'Confidential' sectional sofa

Tufty-Time Sectional Couch by Patricia Urquiola - 2000's

Sectional Modular Sofa in Leather Patchwork by De Sede Switzerland - 1970's

Tortoise Lamp on Gilt Mount - 1940's

Omersa Leather Foot Stool - 1960's

Gold-Plated 'G' Shaped Occasional Table - 1970's

Ceramic Collectible Design Vase with Rope Detail by Harvey Bouterse - 2018

Umbrella Stand by Salvino Marsura - 1970's

Ceramic Collectible Candleholder by Harvey Bouterse - 2018

Salvino Marsura Functional Sculpture - 1970's

Marble dining table 'rosso levanto' Italy - 1970's

Afra and Tobia Scarpa Africa Chairs with Cognac Leather Seating - 1970's

French carved Oak Throne Chair - 1950s

Eames DSW Chair for Herman Miller - 1960's

De Sede DS 41 Lounge Chair in High Quality Black Leather - 1970's

Gold and Burl Console Table - 1980s

Rustic Modern Chairs 'Worpswede' - 1960's

Butterfly Chair Arne Jacobsen 'Series 7' - 1981

Tommaso Barbi Rhubarb Lamp - 1970's

Brazilian Modern Coffee Table - 1960's

Brass Pair of Lamps in the Style of Gabriela Crespi - 1970's

Art Deco Jules Leleu Chair - 1940's

Jean Royère Style Travertine Coffee Table - 1960s

Steel coffee table by Maurice Barilone for Roche Bobois - 1980s

Art piece by Marc D'Haenens - 1970s

Niels Møller Model 82 Danish Rosewood Dining Chairs - 1970s

Thonet Memphis Style Dining Chairs Mackintosh - 1980s

Rattan Serpentine Sofa Seat Vivai del Sud - 1980s

Gustav Stickley Oak Armchair with Red Velvet - 1900s

Rustic Modern Chairs 'Worpswede' - 1960s

Modernist Plywood Armchair early 20th Century by Tatra - 1930s

Unusual chair by dutch designer Gijs Boelaars for Lundia - 1970s

Black Lacquer post-modern Side Tables - 1970s

Art Deco stool in the manner of Jean Royère - 1940s

Edra Soshun Low Stool in Green Velvet by Masanori Umeda - 1990s

Tapiovaara Domus Dining Chair - 1950s

Maison Jansen Credenza with Clear Glass Top - 1970s

Overmantel Mirror Hand Carved in Regency Style

Mario Bellini 'Le Bambole' Three-Seat Couch in Tan Leather - 1970s

Danish Modern Extendable Dining Table by Møller - 1970s

Sectional Sofa in Black Leather and Mahogany by Luciano Frigerio - 1970s

Green Magistretti 'Vicario' Armchairs - 1970s

Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens Tubular Dining Chairs Model SE18 for ’t Spectrum - 1970s

Pierre Chapo Curved Benches in French Elm - 1960s

Black Leather 'Pasqualina' CAB Dining Chairs - 1970s

Bamboo Rattan 1950s Dining Chair - 1950s

Brass Cast Side Table by Peter Ghyczy - 1980s

Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair - 1950s

Oak and Birch 1930s Naturalist Art Deco buffet - 1930s

Graphical sideboard in oak - 1970s

De Coene brutalist stained oak sideboard with circular patterned doors - 1970s

Jules Wabbes Oval Dining Table for Mobilier Universel - 1960s

Gilbert Marklund Oak Coffee Table - 1960s

Dutch Modernist Desk - 1950s

Rustic Modern Oak and Cord Chairs - 1930s

Rustic Modern Rectangular Coffee Table in Solid Oak - 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Sectional Couch by Mikael Laursen - 1960s

Travertine Postmodern Dining Table in the Style of Scarpa - 1980s

Saporiti Cognac Leather Lounge Chairs - 1970s

Jules Leleu Art Deco Armchairs - 1940s

Augusto Savini 'Pamplona' Chair - 1960s

Charles Eames Office Chair - 1980s

French Ceramic Pot - 1950s

Pinocchio Lamp Red by Hala Zeist - 1950s

Scandinavian Arts & Crafts Sofa Bench in Oak and Straw - 1920s

Osvaldo Borsani Art Deco Credenza - 1940s

Mart Stam 'A2-1' Chair in Oak and Straw - 1947

Hans Olsen low lounge chairs - 1960

Bamboo wicker Vespa scooter - 1970s

Scarpa console table in stained oak - 1960s

Bamboo coffee table Vivai del Sud - 1970s

Vivai del Sud pair of side tables - 1970s

Vintage pair of LC2 Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand - 1965

Willy Rizzo tan leather chairs for Cidue - 1970s

Mirror by Lorenzo Burchiellaro - 1970s

Bamboo and rattan mirror by Arpex - 1970s

Carrara White Marble Dining Table Scarpa - 1970s

“Aguape” Seat Object by Campana Brothers for Edra - 2008

Red Lacquered Sliding Coffee Table, Jean Claude Mahey - 1980s

Charlotte Perriand Bar Stools, 'Les Arcs' - 1960s

Mario bellini's CAB armchair 414 - 1980s

Mahogany Chair 'Atelier Français' - 1950s

Rustic modern refactory oak dining table - 1800s

Cesca dining chairs 'B64' Marcel Breuer for Thonet - 1992

Mario Bellini's Colonnata marble table black - 1970s

Contemporary rustic modern chair in seagrass and aluminum - 1980s

Saporiti Lounge Chair with Ottoman - 1970s

Arne Noréll Safari Chair, Norell Mobel - 1960s

Pierre Chapo Style Coffee Table in Solid Oak - 1960s

Giovanni Michelucci 'Torbecchia' Credenza in Walnut - 1960s

Carrara Marble Dining Table by Angelo Mangiarotti - 1970s

Fiber Art Tapestry Opie Boel - 1970s

Arne Norell Lounge Chairs 'Ari' Produced by Arne Norell AB - 1960s

Sculptural Ottoman Reggenza for Morphos by Toni Cordero - 1980s

Walnut Craftsman Chair - 1960s

Set of Poufs with Graphical Pierre Frey Print - 1990s

Rustic Wabi Sabi Set Table and Stools - 1940s

Metal and Perspex Chair - 1970s

Augusto Savini Pamplona dining table - 1960's

Fiber art tapestry by Opie Boel 'Fertile World' - 1970's

De Coene Brutalist credenza in natural oak - 1970's

Brutalist oak bar cabinet by De Coene - 1970's

Maison Charles Lamp - 1970's

Ingo Maurer 'Uchiwa' Pair of Sconces - 1970's

Rustic Modern Woven Coffee Table and Stools Set, Europe - 1970's

Cees Braakman for Postoe 'Japanese Series' Wall Unit, the Netherlands - 1950's

Cassina Blue CAB Chairs - 1970's

Roland Wilhelmsson Solid Pine Dining Table for Karl Anderson & Söner, Sweden - 1960's

Sectional Corner Sofa in Patinated Leather for Durlet - 1980's

Italian Dining Chairs in Tan Leather in the Style of Scarpa - 1970's

Afra & Tobia Scarpa Cognac Dining Chairs - 1970's

Mario Bellini Camaleonda in Pierre Frey Velvet Green Upholstery - 1970's

Soriana Lounge Chair in Brown Leather by Afra & Tobia Scarpa - 1960's

Mangiarotti black marble Side Table 'Eros series' for Skipper - 1970's

Black and Bronze Lava Stools - 2010

Bronze Lava Sculpture - 2010

Bronze Lava Stool - 2010

Pair of Rivadossi Armchairs Italy - 1980's

Osvaldo Borsani Walnut Art Deco Credenza - 1940s

Rietveld's Utrecht Chair with Wooden Frame - 1960s

Eames Bikini DKR Wire Chair in Original Canvas - 1960's

De Sede DS-600 Sectional Sofa in White Leather - 1970's

Pierre Chapo 'S24' Chairs in Elm and Cognac Leather - 1970's

Horseshoe Chair Constructivist Era The Netherlands - 1930's

Amsterdam School Chair 't Woonhuys - 1920's

Armchair in Oak and Ebony, Metz & Co - 1920's

Sottsass Console Table 'Positano' for Zanotta - 1990's

Sesann Mirrored Coffee Table by Gianfranco Frattini for Cassina - 1960's

Gianfranco Frattini, Pair of Mirrored Coffee Tables for Cassina - 1960's

Rustic Modern Oak Farmer's Table - 1890's

Arts & Crafts Conference Chair with Hand Carved Rabbit Head Handles - 1920's

Amsterdam School Pair of Sidetables - 1920's

Pierre Chapo's Two-Door Five-Drawer Cabinet R18 - 1960's

George Matthias XL brass etched table - 1970's

Bamboo & rattan bed side tables Vivai del Sud - 1970's

Carlo Scarpa dry bar cabinet - 1950's

Italian floorlamp with a red shade - 1950's

Chapo B17 book shelve in solid French Elm - 1960's

Rivadossi Solid Walnut Credenza with Vitrine Top, Italy - 1970's

Black Lacquer Cabinet on Walnut Frame - 2000's

Jean Michel Frank 'Elephant' Chairs by Comte - 1930's

Cognac Leather 'Monk' Dining Chairs by Afra & Tobia Scarpa, Set Of Six - 1970's

Maison Jansen Sunflower Pair of Lamps - 1970's

Cassina Cognac CAB Chairs - 1970's

Eisler and Hauner 'Costela' Lounge Chairs - 1960's

Axel Vervoordt Wenge and Bamboo Coffee Table - 1980's

Vivai del Sud Bamboo Chest of Drawers, Italy - 1970's

Bamboo, Black Lacquer and Brass Coffee Table, Italy - 1970's

Scandinavian Pine Architect Stools - 1970's

Cornaro Sofa Set by Carlo Scarpa for Simon - 1970's

Syrian Oriental Moorish Settee - 1950's

Wabbes Brass Floor Lamp by Jan Vlug - 1970's

Rietveld Inspired Bench - 2000's

Maison Baguès Pair of Brass Floor Lamps - 1960's

Cognac Leather Dining Chairs - Italy 1960's

Audoux Minet Armchair in Beech and Cord - 1960's

Mangiarotti 'Cavaletto' Commode with Drawers - 1950's

Dutch Modernist Cabinet by Hildo Krop - 1920s

Pierluigi Spadolini Console Table in Walnut and Marble - 1965

Brass and Cast Glass Round Dining Table by Ettore Gino Poli for Poliarte - 1970s

Camel Leather & Walnut Sofa from De Pas, D'Urbino Lomazzi for Padova - 1970s

Wicker Console Table India Mahdavi - 1990's

Red Lacquered Postmodern Chandelier Lapo Binazzi 'Attributed' - 1960's

French Elm Daybed in Boucle Wool - 1960's

Set of Jeanneret "King chair" Chandigarh - 1960's

Set of 3 Maison Jansen Leather and Chrome "Savonarola" Emperor Chairs - 1970s

Borsani and Lucio Fontana Credenza with Sliding Doors - 1950's

Brutalist Mirror with Lights Atelier Français - 1970's

Christian Liaigre Mystere Console Table in Mahogany - 1990's

Travertine Oval Coffee Table - 1970's

Pigreco Armchairs set of four with Bentwood Frames by Afra & Tobia Scarpa - 1960's

Travertine Oval Table - 1970's

Gio Ponti Coffee Table - 1950's

Kanagawa the Great Wave Postmodern Lounge Chair - 1970's

Augusto Savini 'Pamplona' Armchairs, Set of Six - 1965

Carimate barstools by Vico Magistretti for Cassina, 1962, Set of 4 - 1962

Italian floor lamp 1950s style with a white, yellow and black shade - 1950's

Pierre Jeanneret low etagere in teak - 1960's

Black Ribbon chair by Franca Stagi for Bernini - 1961

Gae Aulenti 'Stringa' Armchair Black - 1960's

Soriana Sofa by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for Cassina - 1970's

Sculptural Throne Chair - 1950's

Jeanneret Teak and Iron Stool, Set of Four - 1960's

Liaigre Dining Chairs set of six in Stained Oak and Leather - 1999

Italian Commode with Drawers Attributed to Carlo Scarpa - 1965

Brutalist Sconces by Salvino Marsura, Italy - 1970's

Rustic modern 'chalet' clubs with Pierre Frey bouclé - 1960's

Pine Armchairs by Rainer Daumiller - 1970's

Cesca Dining Chairs 'B64' Marcel Breuer for Thonet, Set of Four - 1992

Gae Aulenti 'Locus Solus' Armchair for Zanotta, Set of Four - 1964

Red Lacquered Postmodern Chandelier Lapo Binazzi 'Attributed' - 1960's

Axel Einar Hjorth style scandinavian primitive modern armchair in pine - 1940s

Easy Chairs by Jeanneret, Chandigarh - 1955

Brass Cast Cloud Coffee Table - 1980s

Jeanneret Teak & Iron Stool PJ-011023 - 1960s

Poul Henningsen Copper Wall Lamps for Louis Poulsen - 1960s

Pierre Chapo T01D Dining Table in Solid Elm - 1960s

Dom Hans van der Laan chairs by his apprentice Jan de Jong - 1980s

Ettore Sottsass and Marco Zannini Donau Writing Desk & Chair - 1980s

Rustic Modern Armchair In Oak - 1960s

Plywood Dining Chairs by Afra & Tobia Scarpa - 1970s

Walter De Buck Brass Fireplace - 1960s

Gae Aulenti Style Onyx 'Jumbo' Coffee Table - 1970s

De Sede 'Snake' DS 600 Sectional Sofa - 1972

Gianfranco Frattini, Pair of Mirrored Coffee Tables for Cassina - 1960's

Pierre Chapo Coffee Table 'T22C' - 1972

Italian High-End Wall Unit in Walnut - 1960

Royère Style Modernist Sideboard - 1930s

Gae Aulenti 'Jumbo' Coffee Table in rare Rosso Collemandina marble - 1960s

Studio craft coffee table - 1970s

Cassina Cognac CAB Chairs - 1977

Artona armchairs by Afra & Tobia Scarpa for Maxalto - 1975

Cognac Leather and Pine Easy Chair by Ate Van Apeldoorn - 1970's

Italian Afra & Tobia Scarpa "Africa" Dining Chairs for Maxalto - 1975

Dutch Oakwood Lounge Seating set by Bas Van Pelt - 1940's

Bamboo & Cane Credenza with Multiple Drawers, Italy - 1970's