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Bronze Sculpted Mirror by Hongjie Yang - 2016


Contemporary mirror, sculpted in bronze. The top surface changes lightly from ruff to polished, resulting in a worn effect. This, in combination with the earthy colours makes this a remarkable item.

Part of the Synthesis Monolith serie. When confronted with things that exceeds our very understanding, our inability to categorise and relate to them commands our full attention. The Monolith is a mysterious extraterrestrial artefact of unknown origin and nature. Its aesthetic concept touches upon the divine, the omnipotent, indefinable creator of human civilisation.

The future is a place where the complexity of both natural and technical processes can converge. This convergence will usher in a new aesthetic paradigm where objects are created to inspire awe and present a mystical form in which both naturally grown and machine-processed materials and textures seamlessly coexist. At first glance, these objects are naturally formed. Upon closer examination, traces of technology reveal their mystical purpose, to encourage a new perception that oscillates between a sense of the natural and the technological--and the fleeting illusion of their convergence.

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W 50 cm, D 120 cm, H 3 cm

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