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Contemporary Artefact by Hongjie Yang - 2017


This object is sculpted in aluminium by Hongjie Yang, Eindhoven (NL). The use of ruff versus smooth is very remarkable in this piece. One side of this item is completely polished, while the other side shows a almost rock-like surface what creates a tangible contradiction.

Part of the Metallic Transformation series, 2017: Our attitude towards nature has become a dominant one. The impact has been so pervasive that human and nature have become inseparable. The loss of an untouched natural world will force us to manage our surroundings as an artificial environment. In ‘Metallic Transformation’, objects are created to express this faith symbolically. With the unique quality of plasma metal spray, nature is preserved and new forms of neutral aesthetics is created as a result of human civilisation conquering the natural world.

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W 12 cm, D 12 cm, H 30 cm

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