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Bedside 1 Stoneware Sculpture by Carlo Lorenzetti - 2019


Functional art or Collectible design bedside sculpture by Carlo Lorenzetti, 2019.
Currently on view at Everyday Gallery's In Real Life exhibition.

The Bedside series is an attempt at bespoke ceramics that begins with the question: What do you need at your bedside? Some people need to have their phone close and charging. Others would insist on having no phone, but a lamp would be useful to read or knit by. The pieces are directional in that they are intended to be placed on the left and right sides of a bed, they are a set.

Bedside 1 (long arm) and Bedside 2 (lamp) are very personal pieces, they come directly from what Katya and I need at our individual bedsides.

Bedside 1 (long arm)
I made this piece for myself, I have never done that before. First of all is a place to put a cup for water, which is extended out on the long arm. Then there is the place for the phone which faces in the same direction. Inside the pocket for the phone there is a tunnel that comes out on the other end of a rectangular shaped opening. This tunnel is for a charging cable which can easily be routed through the piece. On the bottom right side there is a small balcony which leads into a tunnel which extends inside the piece. Where this tunnel ends inside there is a chimney which extends out to the top of the piece where it protrudes. Using the stick which hangs from the side, a candle can be pushed into the back of the piece to emit a dull glow and warmth during the night. The large pocket on the side is for paperback books.
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Glazed Stoneware
North America
W 57 cm, D 44 cm, H 74 cm.

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