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Bedside 2 Stoneware Sculpture by Carlo Lorenzetti - 2019


Collectible Design or Functional Art piece 'Bedside2' stoneware sculpture by Carlo Lorenzetti, 2019.
Currently on view at Everyday Gallery's exhibition 'In real Life'

The Bedside series is an attempt at bespoke ceramics that begins with the question: What do you need at your bedside? Some people need to have their phone close and charging. Others would insist on having no phone, but a lamp would be useful to read or knit by. The pieces are directional in that they are intended to be placed on the left and right sides of a bed, they are a set.

Bedside 1 (long arm) and Bedside 2 (lamp) are very personal pieces, they come directly from what Katya and I need at our individual bedsides.
I made this for Katya. She explicitly did not want a place for the phone, so that was omitted from this design. She did want plenty of pockets for different small boxes and things so the container spaces here are present by less explicitly defined. She also wanted a space for paperback books, so she got the large pocket on the side as well. Katya often knits before bed so she wanted a lamp that would be useful for that, therefor the position of this lamp is intended to be somewhere around hand-level if a person was sitting up in bed. The small opening on the top of the piece is an additional option for cable routing if she ever wanted to add a small alarm clock or additional device.

These pieces were made, dried, fried, glazed and fired again over the course of 3 months. They are made from a stoneware clay body that is fired to 1220 degrees, and the glaze is slow cooled to enhance the formation of crystals on the surface that gives a satin gloss and reptile-like surface which I find highly touchable.
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Glazed Stoneware
North America
W 50 cm, D 60 cm, H 82 cm.

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