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Zig-Zag Chair by G. Rietveld - 1932


Zig-Zag chair, design 1932, executed c. 1939-1947, Produced by G. van de Groenekan or Metz & Co, NL. Solid Mahogany Wood. This chair is one of the earliest fully documented zig-zag chairs by Rietveld, with full provenance and expertise available. The Zig-Zag chair, designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934, is an early example of a cantilevered seat. The simple construction, composed of four wooden boards, creates a ribbon of wood forming a Z-shape. Seemingly unstable, this structure pushes the boundaries of balance and gravity. Its revolutionary approach to sitting makes it still as modern as it was almost 90 years ago. Although one of Rietveld's most well-known designs, copies with a documented provenance from before 1950 are extremely rare. These chairs were made to order by Van de Groenekan and distributed by Metz & Co. This specific chair is part of a larger set, commissioned by a private family. Made of precious mahogany, instead of the more common spruce, it follows the client's wishes for use in the tropics, where the family lived at the time. Part of the Exhibition about modernism 'De Klare Lijn'.
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The Netherlands
W 38 cm, D 43 cm, H 75 cm, SH 43 cm

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