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'The Owner's Coat Hanger' by Thomas Ballouhey - 2019


Functional Art, collectible design by Thomas Ballouhey, 2019.
We recognise a piece of polystyrene, and here a cardboard tube, strangely assembled. A large-scale collage of materials from our modern times. The production process follows a first step of intuitive, spontaneous constructions that ignore the preconceived guidelines. Later on, a thick layer of glue and sand seem to petrify the objects in stone. A process that allows the spontaneous constructions to be consolidated. A spontaneity that pushes the need to make with what is within immediate reach in the forefront. To give shape, as rough as it may be, to an idea. Brushing aside aesthetic, technical and material concerns, deemed as unimportant, but oddly, keeping social niceties and relationships and giving them a prominent role in the work.
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W 63 cm, D 28 cm, H 191 cm

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